Mearth GTS Evo Max

The off-road king is now fully upgraded with Extra Enhanced Premium Aluminium Frame. Mearth GTS Series, now more capable of your extreme riding adventures!

Quick Information:
⚡️ Maximum Range: 100 km/hr*
⚡️ Top Speed: - 70kph*
⚡️ Weight - - 41 Kgs
⚡️ Max Load: 150 Kg

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    Every Mearth model is made with high-quality, locally-designed components but the GTS Evo Series 2023 has the most powerful technology – proudly Australian!

    The GTS Evo 2023 Series is the most powerful electric scooter, crowned as Mearth’s flagship series.

    Most Powerful. Most Distance. Most Premium Build. The MOST of all. The Mearth GTS Evo Series 2023 is a premium, foldable electric scooter designed for the extreme everyday commuter and off-road traveler. This off-road king can handle your traveling problems for you.

    When it comes to speed, the GTS Evo can go as fast as 45 kph and 70 kph for the GTS Evo.


    Design Upgrade:

    1. New Hardcore Off-Road Tires
    2. New and enhanced, stronger folding mechanism for better stability — refined through our manufacturing molding process
    3. New and improved durable kickstand

    Specs Upgrades:

    1. New and improved stronger suspensions, 2x1000lb spring for better support and navigation on terrain riding.
    2. Next Gen Black Motor with 9.5% more efficiency
    3. New Sinewave Controller for smoother, efficient power delivery, with even less heat and less sound.



    The Mearth GTS Evo Series 2023 provides riders endless capabilities on the road whether standing or sitting!

    Yes! With the Mearth GTS Series 2023, you can now sit.

    *DISCLAIMER: **SEAT SOLD SEPARATELY** Max load of the rider including the seat should not exceed 100 kg.



    Reliable electric scooters are only as reliable as its disc brake system that prevents accidents, made for added protection.

    Remember to ALWAYS wear your approved HELMET and SAFETY GEAR for maximum protection! Mearth has developed safe riding and efficient braking with a front and rear disc brake, anti-lock brake, rear foot brake and double hand grip brake, ensuring your safety.

    Best of all, Mearth’s electric scooters have passed industry standard testing, guaranteeing safety to the best of its efforts.

    Indeed, the GTS Evo Series 2023 was technically and thoroughly designed and tested to endure any kind of road situation. Feel secure on every ride.


    A champion electric scooter with a maximum hill climb of 30% for the GTS Evo Series 2023 which empowers you to travel even uphill. There’s no reason to be limited. Ride your way to the top!


    The GTS Evo Series 2023 stands at the front of the line among other top-of-the-line e-scooter brands because of its powerful motor and battery.

    When it comes to motor power, the classic GTS Evo has a single motor of 1000 W while the GTS Max Evo has a dual motor of 1200 W. With this, power is in your hands!

    The battery on the other hand was co-engineered by Mearth and LG, but the capacities for both models differ with 13 Ah for the GTS Evo and 20.4 Ah GTS Max Evo. The charging time however remains the same for both models with 6 hours for a full charge.

    Fully charged, the max range is 70 km for the GTS Evo and 100 km for the GTS Max Evo.

    This champion e-scooter also boasts of the longest range capability and even has a cruise on a max speed of 50-70 kph.

    It can carry a mighty king (or queen) with a load of up to 150 kg.


    Both the GTS Evo Series 2023 are built with 10” pneumatic air-filled tires. They are also front and rear vacuum explosion-proof tires made of memory gel vacuum tires, capable of passing through most urban roads and deceleration belts easily.

    This heavy-duty e-scooter has proven itself to be wear-resistant against all odds, be it cement, uneven roads, mud, bricks and gravel road riding, all thanks to the highly resistant rubber it has. This also makes it non-slip, anti-skid and shock–absorbing, offering a comfortable ride that prevents leaks and damages to the tires.


    The possibilities are simply endless with the Mearth GTS Evo Series 2023.

    Whether you're planning on a stroll in the city or craving for more adventure with rough pavements, rocky paths or even muddy hills, nothing stops this beast of a ride. The Mearth GTS Evo Series 2023 is off-road capable.

    Adventure is on your side with this one.



    Steel & Metal. Tough & Robust.

    The stem of the GTS Evo 2023 Series is professionally made from a laser cut, single piece, 6000 Series Aero-grade Aluminum frame. It is the iconic part of the Mearth flagship electric scooter. The Mearth logo is also laser cut from the metal.

    Truly made from quality materials and a powerful technological design, the Mearth GTS Evo 2023 Series offers a ride in comfort and style.

    You’ll never go out of style with this head-turner of an e-scooter.

    So be daring and be bold, choose your GTS Evo 2023 Series and ride through all-terrains with no limits.


    It only takes seconds to fold the Mearth GTS Evo Series 2023 electric scooters for the experienced riders. Tried and tested! It really is as simple as folding and snapping it down to the lock stem. For the beginners, you’ll be an expert in no time! Folded, the GTS Evo Series 2023 is more compact and can be carried around for the able-bodied. Go anywhere and anytime with the Mearth S electric scooter!

    The dimensions of this champion scooter is 121x59x128 cm.

    When it comes to features, the GTS Evo Series 2023 is extremely feature rich, making it heavier than the other series but still portable at 33 kg for the GTS Evo and 41 kg for the GTS Max Evo. Fortunately this can serve as an exercise when I carried.


    The Mearth GTS Evo 2023 Series features a front-facing super bright Dual Angel Eyes LED headlight for maximum visibility, brightening the road ahead but still with the right balance of brightness for approaching drivers. Definitely, perfect for night riding. Mearth made traveling safer.